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Measat Partners with O&G Company Mont Aero for Broadband

By Mark Holmes | May 8, 2023

Measat’s communications on the pause solution. Photo: Measat

Measat is partnering with Mont Aero, a technology solutions company that specializes in the oil and gas and maritime industries to provide faster broadband services, the company announced May 8. Measat will deploy a deployed a portable, communications-on-the-pause (COTP) service for Mount Aero.

Measat said the portable COTP service is a quick to deploy mobile satellite broadband solution that enables users to utilize high-speed broadband where broadband coverage is lacking. The lightweight, transportable, electronically steered antenna empowers field engineers to perform complex tasks that require live communication or prompt exchange of information via Measat’s high-speed broadband connectivity, without having to painstakingly install antennas in each location.

“As a technology solutions provider with agile capacity requirements to meet our clients’ needs, we require technological support to enable our personnel to work more efficiently. With Measat’s portable COTP service, our personnel can coordinate live between teams in the field, enabling them to complete complex installations even in remote onshore or offshore sites with greater efficiency,” Alimin Hafizi Aminudin, managing director of Mont Aero, said in a statement.