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Marlink to Distribute OneWeb LEO Connectivity to Customers 

By Rachel Jewett | February 7, 2022

OneWeb satellite. Photo: OneWeb

Satellite service provider Marlink has joined OneWeb’s distribution partner program and will offer OneWeb’s connectivity to the maritime, energy, enterprise, and humanitarian sectors. The companies announced Monday they initially plan to focus on the energy sector in northern latitudes, and expand to additional sectors globally next year. 

OneWeb and Marlink have agreed to deploy, test and demonstrate several types of user terminals and Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity to customers. Marlink operates a global very small aperture terminal (VSAT) network and plans to enhance its hybrid network solutions to distribute OneWeb connectivity. 

Marlink said high-speed, low latency coverage that OneWeb offers is in high demand among its remote communication customers.

“Together with OneWeb, we will significantly improve Marlink’s hybrid connectivity solutions for our energy and maritime customers. Adding OneWeb’s capabilities will further enhance our smart hybrid network to support the digitalization of our customers’ remote operations, and in particular to enable our customers’ cloud applications,” commented Marlink Maritime President Tore Morten Olsen. 

OneWeb is growing its distribution network of partners as it builds up its constellation. The company recently signed on Australian rural and regional telecoms carrier Field Solutions Holdings (FSG), as a distribution partner in Australia, and Airbus to distribute services to European government and military markets.