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Myriota and Goanna Ag Team Up on IoT Agriculture Solutions

By Mark Holmes | February 17, 2021

The GoRainSat device. Photo: Goanna Ag

Myriota and Goanna Ag have teamed up to launch two new satellite-based products to help Australian farmers, the companies announced Wednesday. The two new products, GoRain and GoTank, aim to change how farmers manage water resources. Goanna Ag is a provider of on-farm sensor solutions, and Myriota is a provider of low-cost and low-power satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT).

GoRain is designed to enable data-driven decisions to support stronger crop yields. GoTank is designed for the livestock industry, and remotely updates farmers on water tank levels. The partnership between Goanna Ag and Myriota will see GoRain and GoTank devices make use of Myriota’s network of nanosatellites. For farmers, this means that data from rain gauges and tank monitors can now be collected from anywhere in the world where the sky is visible, and seamlessly displayed in Goanna Ag’s apps — the first solution of its kind, the two companies claim.

“We believe that this technology will transform the Australian market and provide the information needed to support the industry in even the most challenging times,” Goanna Ag’s CEO, Alicia Garden, said in a statement.