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CSS, Forsway Further Invest in Broadband for West Africa 

By Rachel Jewett | April 7, 2020

Photo: Forsway

CSS, a West African communications services provider and Forsway have announced the next phase of their partnership in Mauritania to deliver affordable broadband in West Africa.

The partners have been trial testing Xtend Africa managed service from Arabsat and Forsway during a first assessment phase, CSS’ CEO and founder Houssein Cherif said in an April 7 release. He reported that the results boosting mobile and VSAT links are “very promising.” Now, CSS plans to invest in additional equipment and expand its West African service offering. Forsway Xtend is a hybrid satellite broadband extension.

Forsway CEO Tobias Forsell said: “We have teamed up with Arabsat who, using our Xtend satellite extension platform and BADR-7, provide managed, pan-African broadband services to local and regional communications service providers like CSS. With people restricted in their mobility, affordable broadband is more critical  than ever. With over 3 billion people lacking reliable internet access, Forsway is working hard to do our part in making connectivity accessible to all.”