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Hispasat, Global Skyware Develop Terminal to Provide Triple-Play Services

By James Walsh | March 16, 2018

Hispasat has reached an agreement with Global Skyware to develop a terminal that allows satellite data, voice and video services to be integrated in a single antenna. The solution is based on a dichroic subreflector which is integrated in the satellite broadband access terminal and allows the Ka band (used for data) to pass through to the transceiver and the Ku-band (for video) to be reflected to the device that receives the video signal, the Low Noise Block (LNB).

According to Global Skyware, the subreflector has minimal impact on performance and the price will not differ greatly from a conventional terminal. This system enables one unit to receive audio-visual contents in the Ku band as well as data services in the Ka band.

Through this antenna, Hispasat’s satellites will be able to offer convergent services from the same orbital position, thus allowing its current offer to be expanded with minimal impact on the user’s equipment. The system is also fully compatible with different satellite Internet providers available on the market, which offers great flexibility to service providers who work with Hispasat.

Apart from this audio-visual service offer Hispasat also incorporates capacity in the Ka band in its Amazonas 3, Amazonas 5, H36W 1 and H30W 6 satellites, which will allow more than a half million people to connect to the digital world in upcoming years.