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Globalstar, Inmarsat Form Partnership to Cross-Sell Satellite Services

By Kendall Russell | March 10, 2017
Inmarsat Global Xpress network, rendering

Inmarsat Global Xpress network, rendering. Photo: Inmarsat

Globalstar and Inmarsat announced today their intention to form a new partnership to cross-sell their respective products and services. According to the companies, the future partnership aims to provide additional service options for the growing and diverse needs of the companies’ international customer bases.

Inmarsat and Globalstar are working toward a formal agreement, which will provide both companies with new and complementary capabilities. Both organizations own and operate their own satellite constellations, with Globalstar using a new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation that launched in 2013, and Inmarsat using Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites, including its Global Xpress mobile broadband constellation, which entered global commercial service at the end of 2015. Both companies will continue to operate independently of each other and the completion of the agreement will be effective in the coming weeks.