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Myanmar Broadcasting Law Nears Completion as Satellite Plans Mature

By Caleb Henry | July 16, 2015
Naypyidaw, Naypyidaw Capital Region, Myanmar: Uppatasanti Pagoda.

Naypyidaw, Naypyidaw Capital Region, Myanmar: Uppatasanti Pagoda. Photo: DiverDave/Wikimedia Commons.

[Via Satellite 07-16-2015] The Myanmar government is soon to pass a new broadcasting law designed to open up the country’s media industry and encourage the distribution of new services. The law is intended to demonstrate Myanmar’s commitment to infrastructure development, especially for telecommunications.

“The broadcasting industry is moving very fast. From an economic, commercial, national prestige, and national security point of view, everything points toward satellite and the demand is increasing. We have now given the satellite project top priority on our agenda and are working on getting this set up in the near future,” said Myanmar’s Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, H.E U Thaung Tin.
Myanmar plans to launch its own domestic satellite within five years time.