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Huawei, China Telecom Sichuan Launch Terrestrial 4K Ultra-HD Network

By Caleb Henry | December 31, 2014
Huawei Headquarters China

Huawei Headquarters. Photo: Huawei

[Via Satellite 12-31-2014] Huawei and China Telecom Sichuan have developed a commercial 4K Ultra-HD iTV network service in China, which was released today. The 4K network is the culmination of a partnership that began three years ago.

The two companies are using H.265 video coding and have created a smart Set Top Box (STB) to carry 4K video. Huawei and China Telecom Sichuan have also integrated intelligent acceleration, distribution, and scheduling into Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Content Delivery Network (CDN) platforms to safeguard 4K services.

According to the companies, the Ultra-HD 4K metropolitan and backbone networks enable the transmission of 100G optical services and 400G IP services. The tail end network has been augmented to support 100M fiber to the home.

China has been ahead of all other nations in sales of 4K television sets in 2013, according to research from Strategy Analytics.