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Avanti Incorporates Satellite App into Google Glass

By Caleb Henry | September 15, 2014
Google Glass Avanti

Google Glass with frame. Photo: Mikepanhu/Wikimedia

[Via Satellite 09-15-2014] Avanti Communications has created an app for Google Glass that works alongside the company’s proprietary Avanti Mobile Assist (AMA) app released earlier this year. The Google Glassware app provides users with the relative location of Hylas 1 and Hylas 2 satellites with hands-free alignment for satellite dishes.

Together, AMA and Google Glassware apps provide accurate dish alignment using an Augmented Reality where the satellite appears on the viewer’s screen. Google Glass also provides the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and connects users through Bluetooth. The terminal sends signal quality information to users through the AMA app using a Wi-Fi connection.