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TrustComm Signs Agreement With Inmarsat, Spectra Group to Distribute L-TAC Service

By Katie Kriz | March 10, 2014
Bob Roe CEO TrustComm TrustComm

Bob Roe CEO TrustComm TrustComm

[Via Satellite 03-10-2014] TrustComm has been designated as a service provider for Inmarsat’s new L-TAC space-segment services, and has also signed a distribution agreement with Spectra Group to provide Slingshot adaptors required to access L-band frequencies from existing fielded UHF radios. L-TAC uses the existing UHF radios to access the Inmarsat 4, L-band satellite constellation when UHF capacity is not available. TrustComm has been conducting demonstrations of L-TAC at locations worldwide.

By attaching the Spectra Slingshot adapter kit, a small converter and antenna, to the external communications port of UHF MILSAT radios, users can acquire short- or long-term network access to private leased channels on Inmarsat satellites that have the same capabilities as UHF 25kHz channels on UHF MILSAT or commercial satellites.

“TrustComm recognizes the value of L-TAC’s capabilities and the gap it fills, along with the significant cost savings for government end users when compared to commercial UHF channels. We have dedicated significant resources to field this service, working closely with Inmarsat and Spectra Group,” said TrustComm CEO Bob Roe.