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Axiros, ViaSat to Produce First Deployment of TR-069 Protocol over a Satellite Network

By Tai Nichols | October 4, 2013
Axiros’ AXESS.ACS Photo: Axiros

Photo: Axiros

[Via Satellite 10-04-2013] Axiros has entered a deal with ViaSat, resulting in the first deployment of the TR-069 protocol over satellite. Under the agreement, ViaSat will position Axiros’ AXESS.ACS for device management and provisioning and AXACT TR-069 Stack for integration and execution of the TR-069 protocol within its satellite modems.

“A cooperation with ViaSat and the extension of the AXESS.ACS and AXACT products in areas which they were never used before was the most natural way for Axiros to demonstrate once more to the broadband community the value of  ‘Any device, Any service, Any Protocol, Any Time, Anywhere,’” said Alfeo Pareschi, senior director technical sales at Axiros to Via Satellite. “The opportunity to pair together the wide experience on VSAT communication of ViaSat and the technology leadership in TR-069 of Axiros will bring an unprecedented amount of innovation to the Axiros knowledge and product portfolio.”

ViaSat’s decision to partner with Axiros highlights the expansion of the TR-069 standard beyond terrestrial networks into next generation satellite networks, according to Axiros. Pareschi added that the collaboration between the two companies began several months ago and has transformed from an initial technology exploration, to an extensive evaluation of the technology by ViaSat and finally to a widespread design phase to ensure that no part of the ViaSat requirement specification was undervalued by Axiros.

“We can now safely say that this path has brought both companies to a much better understanding of the technology challenges inherent on the deployment of a TR-069 infrastructure over a satellite link,” Pareschi said. “At the same time the potential advantages in the use of an ACS in the deployment of broadband over satellite has spun some interesting innovations in the both companies that are likely to bloom into additional products and market offering in the next few years.”

For ViaSat, benefits of the deal will enable the company to implement use cases related to device/service provisioning, dynamic configuration, information updates, firmware download and scheduled inform, according to Axiros. Additionally, the deal supports Axiros’ expansion into satellite communications and adds to its growing list of access networking technologies across which its products are used.

“Axiros has extended the reach of its solution to cover also the M2M space in general and the Smart Grid in particular. As such the challenges posed by the ViaSat request has fueled the interest in Axiros to try to identify and solve the challenges related to the high latency network. All of this is perfectly in line with Axiros’ Any statement,” said Pareschi.