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SpaceX Wins Orbcomm Contract to Launch 18-Satellite Constellation

By Staff Writer | September 4, 2009

[Satellite TODAY 09-04-09] Orbcomm and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) have reached an agreement for SpaceX to launch 18 Orbcomm Generation 2 (OG2) satellites to begin as early as the fourth quarter of 2010 through 2014, the two companies announced Sept. 3.
    SpaceX said it plans to launch the second-generation satellites on multiple Falcon 1e launch vehicles, an enhanced version of SpaceX’s Falcon 1 launch vehicle.
The California-based launch company will deliver Orbcomm’s second-generation satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) to support its existing constellation of satellites, adding new features, and growing its global machine-to-machine and Automatic identification system services.
     “Through this agreement Orbcomm has a strategic launch partner that provides a valuable solution now and in the future,” said Orbcomm CEO Marc Eisenberg, in a statement.
             Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.