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By | May 9, 2001

      German digital pay-TV operator Premiere World has extended its promotional offer in which the d-box, the set-top-box needed to receive the package, is sold for roughly half its regular price. This was confirmed to Interspace by spokeswoman Katrin Gogl.

      New subscribers can obtain the d-box and a half year subscription for either DM 444 (E227) for the sports package or DM 555 for a complete package. The offer was due to run out on April 30 but, according to Gogl, will now continue for an indefinite amount of time.

      Meanwhile, the structure of Premiere World’s channels is set to undergo a revamp in July in another attempt to gain more subscribers. Although not officially confirmed, Interspace believes that movie channel Premiere, Premiere World’s flagship channel, will be renamed Premiere 1 and multiplexed onto two additional channels, Premiere 2 and Premiere 3, showing the movies time-shifted.

      To make room, existing channels will be combined: Cine Comedy with Comedy and Romantic Movies with Star*Kino.

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