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IEC Telecom is Now a Starlink Reseller 

By Rachel Jewett | January 9, 2023

SpaceX is rolling out Starlink Premium for enterprise users, with a more capable user terminal. Screenshot via SpaceX.

French satellite service provider IEC Telecom is now an official reseller for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service. IEC Telecom announced Monday that it has a new service portfolio with Starlink capacity for satcom users from home office workers to international enterprises and maritime businesses. 

IEC Telecom offers new land solutions from Starlink for mobile and fixed deployments. The company said that it controls remote units through network management OneGate, and has customized solutions for humanitarian missions, energy/mining/utility enterprises, transportation companies and more.

“COVID-19 and the political turbulence of 2022 shed light on the importance of having uninterrupted connectivity, not only as means of business continuity but also in relation to safety and in-time response to unforeseen circumstances,” said Erwan Emilian, CEO of IEC Telecom Group. “Our new service portfolio, powered by Starlink, will offer a comprehensive solution for remote operations on land and at sea.”

Recently Starlink has targeted agreements with satellite service providers including Speedcast and Anuvu. In the last year, Starlink has also debuted dedicated enterprise and maritime services with modified terminals and service plans.