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Kacific Extends ST Engineering iDirect Partnership

By Mark Holmes | February 14, 2023

Photo: ST Engineering iDirect

Kacific Broadband Satellites and ST Engineering iDirect are extending their technology partnership, the two companies announced Feb. 14. ST Engineering iDirect will provide next generation ground infrastructure for Kacific’s expanding satellite internet services.

Kacific is now working to expand its capabilities and coverage, adding capacity with services throughout the region. Kacific’s next-generation satellite aims to address what it perceives to be an upsurge of demand for satellite connectivity in its existing Southeast Asian markets, and extend its reach further into Southeast Asia, Central and Western Asia, and Eastern Africa.

The upcoming Kacific next-generation satellites are planned to be reconfigurable, with flexible bandwidth allocation and high spectral efficiency. ST Engineering iDirect will match the space segment with a new generation of fully scalable, distributed ground systems that leverage standards-based, automated resource and service orchestration to enable dynamic allocation of satellite resources.

“Through Kacific1, we have successfully broken ground to democratize satellite broadband in the Asia-Pacific region. New generation software-defined-satellite technologies, supported by a comprehensive ST Engineering iDirect-run ground system, set the stage for successful new broadband satellite programs, meeting unabated demand in our existing markets and opening up new opportunities,” Christian Patouraux, Kacific CEO, said in a statement.