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Bright Ascension Software Supports 6 Satellites on Latest Rideshare Mission

By | January 4, 2023

Photo: Bright Ascension

Bright Ascension reports a record number of its software deployments were on the SpaceX Transporter 6 mission on Tuesday, taking the company’s current total to software on 39 spacecraft in orbit. The company announced, Jan. 4 that six of its GenerationOne flight software deployments were launched onboard the Falcon 9 mission. The satellites, developed by Innovative Solutions In Space in the Netherlands and AAC Clyde Space in Scotland are for a diverse mix of applications.

Bright Ascension is space software technology provider is based out of Dundee, Scotland. It is one of a number of interesting new space companies to come out of the United Kingdom in recent times.

Its software supported Kleos Space cluster of four spacecraft for radio frequency (RF) monitoring and an IoT satellite called Kelpie for AAC Clyde Space that will support customer Orbcomm.

“These satellites have a very diverse range of applications with specialised and cutting-edge payloads and hardware onboard, yet they all run on our software technology as it is designed to quickly and easily adapt to any mission — no matter how unique, advanced or complex it is. What’s more, being component-based, it takes full advantage of software reuse allowing us to work on a high number of missions simultaneously and achieve fantastic results in record time,” Peter Mendham, Bright Ascension CEO, said in a statement.