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Gilat Wins Further Orders for LEO Gateways

By Mark Holmes | June 29, 2021

The Wavestream Powerstream 160Ka (photo: Gilat)

Gilat Satellite Networks has won more business in the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) arena, the company announced June 28. The company has received orders of $9 million for support of gateways of LEO constellations.

Gilat’s subsidiary, Wavestream, was chosen as the vendor of choice to supply Gateway Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) to a leading satellite operator to support LEO constellation gateways. The orders were received as part of a previously announced contract for an unnamed customer.

Wavestream is proceeding according to plan with orders now exceeding 800 Gateway-Class SSPAs. Wavestream’s PowerStream 160Ka is designed specifically for networks using wide bandwidth uplinks and high order modulation schemes, which the company says addresses the requirements of Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO) constellations installed in remote locations.

“The high-volume manufacturing of these highly-complex Gateway-class SSPAs is proceeding at an unprecedented production rate, with all deliveries expected in the next 12 months,” Bob Huffman, Wavestream’s general manager, said in a statement.