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Dryad Networks Selects EchoStar Mobile Satellite IoT Solution for Wildfire Prevention 

By Abbey Weltman | February 22, 2024
    A Dryad Silvanet sensor. Photo: Dryad Networks

    A Dryad Silvanet sensor. Photo: Dryad Networks

    Dryad Networks purchased 3,000 IoT modules and other connectivity services from EchoStar Mobile for wildfire detection. Dryad provides early detection of wildfires through the Silvanet solution – solar-powered gas sensors deployed in a LoRaWAN mesh network. 

    EchoStar will provide EM2050 modules, powered by Semtech’s LR1120 device, to provide embedded LoRaWAN satellite IoT capabilities for the Dryad Silvanet Gateway sensors. Dryad said the company originally relied primarily on terrestrial connectivity with limited support for satellite communications.

    Dryad reports that each year, wildfires are responsible for 20% of global CO2 emissions and cause about $140 billion in financial damages. 

    “The EM2050’s latest features, such as Semtech’s Long Range – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology coupled with EchoStar Mobile’s powerful satellite IoT communications infrastructure will provide excellent support for Dryad’s Silvanet wireless distributed architecture network” said Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO and co-founder of Dryad Networks. 

    EchoStar will help Dryad integrate the EM2050 module into the upcoming third generation of Sylvanet Gateways so Dryad can use full-featured satellite links, including bi-directional communications, device configuration, and firmware update over the air. 

    “By providing affordable wireless connectivity in remote areas beyond the reach of terrestrial networks, it is possible to expand the digitization process into vast natural assets, contributing to our planet’s sustainable development goals,” said Carlo Tinella, senior product marketing manager at Semtech.