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SKY Perfect JSAT Forms New Space Laser Business 

By Rachel Jewett | January 31, 2024

JSAT forms a new startup business, Orbital Lasers. Photo: JSAT

SKY Perfect JSAT has established a new business, Orbital Lasers, focused on space debris removal and satellite LiDAR. 

The company plans to incorporate LiDAR technology into satellites to provide high-precision ground surface information. SKY Perfect JSAT and Japan’s space agency JAXA awarded Orbital Lasers a contract for a conceptual study of Earth observation LiDAR satellites and commercializing this concept. 

It also plans to commercialize detumbling space debris and active debris removal using lasers. JSAT previously started an initiative to design and develop a payload for a space debris removal satellite using laser technology. Orbital Lasers plans to develop this payload by 2025, and initiative active debris removal service by 2029.  

Orbital Lasers was started through an employee-initiated new business proposal system at JSAT. President and CEO Tadanori Fukushima commented that he applied for the program because of his concern about the impact of space debris. He will lead the new company. 

“I have always been highly concerned about the impact of space debris on the space environment. Consequently, I applied for an internal startup program and engaged in research and development of space debris removal with universities, research institutions, government agencies, companies, and experts to advance its business development,” Fukushima commented. “During this progress, we were able to discover new possibilities using space-based lasers, leading to the satellite LiDAR Business. Through Orbital Lasers’ initiatives, we aim to contribute to society by further enhancing the usability of space.”