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Inside the World of Space Communications With Sarah Nickell

By Rachel Jewett | January 8, 2024

      Space has a compelling story to tell, but it can be a challenge to craft the message. As Space is such a technical sector, it can be hard for leadership to communicate the value of what they do to investors, media, and the public. 

      It’s Sarah Nickell’s job to craft that message. As a PR professional with her own firm, Nickell works with companies like Voyager Space and York Space Systems to tell their stories. She has worked with Via Satellite for years, and she has had stories placed in national publications like Bloomberg, ABC News, and Vice. In our first episode of 2024, Nickell gives a look behind the scenes at the world of space public relations. 

      This episode is an interesting journalism/public relations crossover about what it’s like to be on both sides of the conversation. It’s also a crash course for listeners that aren’t familiar with media and public relations. The conversation covers topics like building a messaging strategy, managing national security concerns in communications, and how Nickell manages running a small business.

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