Summit II Soft-Fail Modular SSPA/SSPB Systems

The Summit II High-Power, Modular, Soft-Fail Redundant SSPA systems from Advantech Wireless Technologies are high power, wide bandwidth, all outdoor ruggedized systems that allow operation with multiple carriers and outstanding linearity.

Summit II is the next generation of our popular Summit high-power SSPA system. Each amplifier (or module) is arranged in a four, eight or sixteen module assembly that is factory integrated, tested and delivered as a complete system.

The SSPAs in the Summit systems are phase combined to reach the maximum RF output power from N-1 amplifiers, with the output of one amplifier held in reserve for redundancy. In the case of a module failure, the Summit operating system will increase the gain of the remaining amplifiers to bring the total system output power back to the pre-failure level. Switchless, soft-fail redundancy ensures that the system’s RF output remains unchanged despite a module failure, unlike switched systems that experience a total interruption of output for the length of time that it takes for the switch to change positions.

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Summit 2 Tease Advantech Wireless from Advantech Wireless Technologies on Vimeo.

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