HTS: New Ka, Q & V-band SSPAs and TWTAs

Comtech Xicom Technology is the leader in mm-wave HPA design.  The products below represent some of their latest milestones.

  • 250W V-Band: The Xicom team announced another milestone, shipping the world’s first commercial V-band TWTAs for a high throughput satellite (HTS) gateway application. The XTD-250QV is a 250W liquid cooled (or air cooled) TWTA featuring 80W of linear power across 47.2 to 51.4 GHz.
  • High Power Q-Band: Comtech Xicom Technology is producing multiple power levels of Q-band amplifiers for AEHF and other applications. They have shipped more than 100 amplifiers to various customers.
  • 16 to 65W linear Ka-Band GaN: Comtech Xicom Technology is expanding their Ka-Band solid state product line with a suite of new linear power GaN SSPAs for gateway and user SATCOM service. These amplifiers offer both Commercial and Milcom coverage (27.5 to 30 GHz, 29-31 GHz) in compact, ruggedized outdoor packages.
  • 650W Ka-Band: Comtech Xicom Technology launched their 650W Ka-band TWTA at the SATELLITE Conference & Exhibition in May.  This amplifier offers 150W more power than the classic 500W Ka-band amplifier and features 215W of linear power at -19 dB Noise Power Ratio (NPR).

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