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SatCube’s Ku-band Mobile Satellite Terminal Wins Design Award

By Annamarie Nyirady | March 25, 2019
Satcube Ku. Photo: Satcube

Satcube Ku. Photo: Satcube

Satcube‘s Ku- mobile satellite terminal received the Red Dot Award in product design, communication technology. The product, including its Graphical User Interface (GUI), was designed in close cooperation with Swedish design partner, Shift Design and Strategy.

Satcube aims to provide seamless broadband connectivity over satellite through easy to use, lightweight terminals. The Satcube Ku- portable satellite terminal is a compact device that aims to deliver quick connectivity to help empower people at work, businesses and global organizations, to communicate and deliver critical services.

Comparable to a large laptop, the Satcube Ku targets industry verticals and workplaces requiring broadband connectivity where limited or no 3G/4G connectivity is available. The Satcube solution is designed for broadcast media companies, emergency response, law enforcement, public safety organizations, telemedicine, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), industry, and those with remote work locations and high capacity communications needs.