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Gogo Reaches 1,300 Commercial Aircraft with IFC

By | January 24, 2019
Gogo's test plane, the Jimmy Ray. Photo: Gogo.

Gogo’s test plane, the Jimmy Ray. Photo: Gogo

Gogo revealed that it had installed 477 net aircraft with satellite technology during 2018. Gogo ended the year with 1,296 net commercial aircraft installed with satellite In-Flight Connectivity (IFC). This marks the second consecutive year in which Gogo has installed satellite IFC technology on more than 450 aircraft.

As of Dec. 31, 2018, Gogo had 1,007 aircraft installed and activated with 2Ku technology; 252 aircraft installed and activated with Ku technology; 37 aircraft have been installed with 2Ku technology but not yet recorded as Aircraft Online (AOL); and approximately 1,000 2Ku aircraft in backlog.

“The shift of our global installed fleet to satellite IFC technology combined with our 2Ku availability of approximately 98 percent, continues to improve our customer’s inflight Wi-Fi experience,” said Gogo Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President Oakleigh Thorne.