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Gilmour Space and Exolaunch Partner for Future Smallsat Launches

By Mark Holmes | August 24, 2021

A rendering of Gilmour Space’s Eris rocket. Photo: Gilmour Space

Gilmour Space Technologies, an Australian rocket company, is teaming up with Exolaunch, a German rideshare provider, to enable better a small satellite launch experience customers. The two companies announced the collaboration Aug. 24 they will provide tailored launch, precise deployment, and in-space transportation services to small satellite operators using Eris, a hybrid launch vehicle, developed by Gilmour.

Gilmour will have access to Exolaunch’s small satellite deployment technologies and in-space transportation services via Exolaunch’s space tug, Reliant. Exolaunch gains access to low-inclination missions and unique orbits via Gilmour’s Eris launch vehicles. Exolaunch will begin manifesting customers’ satellites on the upcoming launches of Eris.

Gilmour Space has secured a total of $64 million from global investors to date, one of largest private equity investment raised by a space company in Australia. The Eris launch vehicle is scheduled for a debut commercial launch in 2022.

“Partnering with Gilmour is a worthy example of bridging progressive innovation with heritage. Reinforcing novel launch architecture with state-of-the-art deployment and in-space logistics services will pave the way for reliable launch solutions. We look forward to launching customers’ satellites from Australia on the Eris rockets making space more accessible for the New Space industry,” Jeanne Medvedeva, vice president of Launch Services for Exolaunch said in a statement.