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U.S. Navy Extends Viasat’s NEXCOM Managed Service Contract

By Jeffrey Hill | March 17, 2021

      Photo: U.S. Navy

      The U.S. Navy signed a five-year managed internet, Wi-Fi, and voice services contract extension with Viasat that adds the provision of additional high-definition TV service to the original agreement.

      The California-based satellite operator and communications company will continue to provide connectivity for the Navy Exchange Service Command’s (NEXCOM) personal use networks around the world.

      Viasat announced Wednesday that it will also help the Navy roll-out interactive satellite-based HDTV service at 32 of its Navy lodge sites for sailors’ families and guests, and provide personal-use telecommunications services supporting multiple programs at Navy and joint base installations. Viasat also agreed to begin accepting MILITARY STAR card payments from sailors who wish to purchase these services, where available.

      This contract is an extension of an agreement that Viasat reached with the Navy in 2015. Under that agreement, Viasat established Navy Wi-Fi Internet services, a scalable cloud-based voice calling system, and a legacy infrastructure upgrade to existing IPTV services.

      “One of NEXCOM’s core missions is to support Navy quality of life programs for active duty military, retirees, reservists, and their families. Our customers are stationed around the world, so it is important for them to stay connected to loved ones on safe, reliable and affordable networks 24-hours a day, seven days a week, year round,” said Mary Johnson, vice president of NEXCOM’s Telecommunications Program Office.

      Financial details of the contract were not disclosed.