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Orange Business Services, Telespazio to Supply Satcom to French Ministry

By | October 30, 2018
Orange engineer installs network equipment on board.

Orange engineer installs network equipment on board. Photo: Orange Business Services.

The French Joint Directorate for Infrastructure Networks and Information Systems (DIRISI) selected Orange Business Services and Telespazio France to provide several satellite communication capabilities and the associated managed services to all military and state entities involved in this framework agreement. These services will facilitate communications when armed forces are involved in field missions, where end-to-end security is vital.

Orange Business Services and Telespazio France, a subsidiary of Telespazio (a joint venture between Leonardo, 67 percent, and Thales, 33 percent), have pooled their teams, skills, and infrastructures to develop an offer known as National Meta-Operator for Satellite Connections (MONaLiSat). According to the release, this offer relies on a comprehensive range of satellite telecommunications services and associated equipment which both partners have used to meet the specific requirements of the Ministry. The solutions provided by Orange Business Services and Telespazio France aim to help supply land and maritime communications in several bands and meet the mobility needs of forces when deployed in the field.

Orange Business Services is contributing its land and satellite infrastructures in France and overseas, as well as its ability to offer secure communications. Telespazio France is contributing its understanding of the defense sector and its ability to integrate, deploy, and maintain satellite telecommunications systems.