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Hughes Introduces Technology For Enterprise-Grade Wide Area Networks

By Veronica Magan | December 23, 2016

      [Via Satellite 12-23-2016] Hughes Network Systems has introduced a new product to its suite of HughesON ActiveTechnologies, which transform ordinary broadband connections into fast, application-aware, enterprise-grade Wide Area Networks (WANs). Hughes ActiveClassifier is a WAN optimization technology that automatically analyzes traffic flows in real time, intelligently classifying business-critical applications such as POS, video, VoIP, and cloud apps. ActiveClassifier ensures applications are mapped to the right class of service and, in conjunction with other Hughes ActiveTechnologies, delivers effective prioritization over the WAN.

      ActiveClassifier opens the way to augment or even replace their expensive MPLS networks using broadband via cable, DSL, or LTE. ActiveClassifier includes domain-based classification that enables an enterprise to prioritize business-critical cloud applications and websites over general employee or guest Internet traffic.

      “Networks are getting hit with more demands every day as organizations adopt a flood of new applications – many of which are cloud based,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president of the North American division at Hughes. “Many times the applications have not been introduced through the IT or Network teams, potentially causing bandwidth conflicts and bringing the network to its knees. ActiveClassifier helps protect all critical applications by identifying and dynamically prioritizing the traffic and adapting to the new application mix. Low-cost broadband connections can now be used in the context of a high-performance Enterprise WAN, helping keep businesses one step ahead of the next big bandwidth demand.”