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IDC Supplies Equipment for US Government Broadcast Network

By | September 14, 2015
      IDC SuperFlex Pro Data

      IDC’s SuperFlex Pro Data. Photo: IDC

      [Via Satellite 09-14-2015] International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) has received new orders totaling more than CA$1,100,000 ($830,000) to support the U.S. government in the expansion of its secure worldwide satellite broadcast network. The company will supply the software-based Cyphercast Client and the hardware-based SuperFlex Pro Data 3104 receiver. The SuperFlex Pro Data satellite receivers enables high performance secured delivery of content to a network of devices, and the Cyphercast Client software maintains security for delivery to individual laptop and desktop computers.

      The U.S. government’s broadcast network provides secure, high-speed, broadband IP connectivity as well as broadcast content delivery to armed forces and government agencies in the field. IDC received a contract to upgrade this network in September 2014 as well. The company mentioned it expected to close a few large deals in the near future during the company’s fiscal year 2016 second quarter earnings call last week.