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Raytheon Ships First GPS OCX Hardware to Schriever Air Force Base

By Caleb Henry | May 14, 2015
      GPS OCX Schriever

      2nd Space Operations Squadron (2SOPS) at Schriever Air Force Base’s Master Control Station. Photo: U.S. government

      [Via Satellite 05-14-2015] Raytheon has delivered the first hardware shipment for the United States Global Positioning System’s Next-Gen Operational Control System (GPS OCX) to Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado, the future site of the GPS OCX master control station. Following the shipment, the next step in the program is to install and audit the equipment, and conduct information assurance testing.

      The GPS OCX ground command and control system is designed to manage GPS satellites with greater accuracy, precision and cybersecurity measures. Raytheon’s May shipment enables acceptance of the Launch and Checkout System (LCS) for GPS 3 satellites next year. The LCS is a subset of the fuller OCX ground system, establishing the cyber-hardened infrastructure to which additional mission applications will be added.

      “With hardware in place, Raytheon is positioned to complete validation and testing of critical capabilities and cybersecurity protections ahead of the LCS acceptance milestone,” said Matt Gilligan, GPS OCX program manager at Raytheon.