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Inprox, NASA To Develop Silicon Carbide Sensors

By | March 6, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 3-6-08] Sensor technology company Inprox Technology Corp. has entered into a Space Act Agreement with NASA‘s Glenn Research Center to develop advanced silicon carbide-based positron sensors, the company announced recently.
          The silicon carbide electronics, which are aimed at potential uses in future space flight, turbine engine controls and automotive engine applications, are capable of operating in extreme temperatures. They would replace conventional electronics, which  must be housed in controlled environments and shielded from higher temperatures by cooling.
          “Silicon carbide is one of the most exciting advances in electronics being developed today,” Derek Weber, president of Inprox, said in a statement. “The marriage of [silicon carbide] electronics, which can remain operational in high temperature, high power and high radiation environments, enabled with our proprietary digital sensor technology, is of great significance to us, our customers and the aerospace and automotive communities at large.”

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