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Dhruva Space to Offer Kinéis IoT Services in India 

By Rachel Jewett | July 1, 2024

Dhruva Space and Kinéis have signed a joint technological and commercial partnership. Photo: Dhruva Space

Indian space startup Dhruva Space and Kinéis have signed a joint technological and commercial partnership to bring the French IoT company’s connectivity to India. 

Dhruva Space will provide Kinéis IoT services in India once the service is launched and develop new applications and services tailored to the Indian market. Dhruva Space will also develop and manufacture end user terminals to support Kinéis service. The companies mentioned markets for the IoT connectivity including detecting forest fires, flood, and pollution, and monitoring infrastructure and wildlife. 

The two companies will also work on a joint satellite mission, launching a Kinéis IoT payload on a Dhruva Space P-30 hosted payload mission. The P-30 is Dhruva’s nanosatellite platform for hosted payload missions. 

Kinéis plans to start service in 2025 after its 25-satellite constellation has been launched. Rocket Lab recently launched the first five Kinéis satellites

“By enhancing this collaboration, we are poised to deliver innovative IoT services that will drive digital transformation and open new opportunities for businesses and communities throughout the country. Together, Kinéis and Dhruva Space are committed to passing on the benefits of space-tech advancements for novel use-case development across India,” commented Dhruva Space CEO Sanjay Nekkanti.