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Intelsat Upgrades 900 Sites for Openserve to Expand Connectivity in South Africa

By Abbey Weltman | February 27, 2024
Photo: OpenServe

Photo: OpenServe

Intelsat is working with longtime partner Openserve to modernize more than 900 network sites to advance satellite connectivity throughout South Africa. Openserve is Africa’s largest telecommunications infrastructure provider and a subsidiary of Telkom SA SOC.

The project, announced Tuesday, will improve network performance and help deliver higher throughputs to end customers at a lower cost. This modernization aims to enhance network services for businesses, organizations, and communities in hard-to-reach areas.

“Through this renewed collaboration, Openserve will modernize its network infrastructure and tap into Intelsat’s advanced technology and global network, to deliver enhanced, highly reliable and dependable connectivity solutions that meet the evolving demands of enterprises, governments, businesses and communities across South Africa,” said Rhys Morgan, regional vice president EMEA sales, Intelsat.

The infrastructure upgrades are underway and are on track to be completed by the end of June 2024.