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Es’hailSat and Nilesat Look to Work More Closely Together

By Mark Holmes | February 8, 2024

Es’hailSat and Nilesat sign an MoU to work more closely together. Photo: Es’hailSat

Es’hailSat and Nilesat have signed an MoU to work more closely together. The partnership brings Qatar’s and Egypt’s biggest satellite companies together to work on a variety of projects. This partnership allows the customers of both companies to leverage the combined satellite fleet of both operators as well as the wide ground infrastructure that brings with it the latest technologies in video broadcasting and satellite communications. The two companies announced the partnership, on Feb. 6.

Es’hailSat’s infrastructure includes two satellites at 25.5/26 East together with its teleport facility. Nilesat operates multiple Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites, all of which are stationed at 7 degrees West. This partnership aims to benefit a diverse set of customers across applications such as video broadcasting, enterprise connectivity, telecommunications, and other digital services. The two companies extend their cooperation with each other into areas such as training, pricing, and collaborating with each other as preferred partners.

“We are excited to partner with Es’hailSat to deliver a comprehensive suite of satellite solutions to our customers across the MENA region. This partnership marks a significant development in the MENA satellite industry. By combining expertise and resources, Nilesat and Es’hailSat are well-positioned to address the evolving needs of the region’s customers and contribute to its economic growth,” Sameh Katta, president and CEO of Nilesat, said in a statement.