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OneWeb Partners With AWS on Cloud Connectivity 

By Lauren McCaffrey | March 13, 2023
A visualization of OneWeb's constellation. Photo: OneWeb

A visualization of OneWeb’s constellation. Photo: OneWeb

OneWeb has signed a letter of intent with Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL (AWS) to explore providing cloud-based connectivity and services, the companies announced on Monday, March 13. 

OneWeb and AWS will work to expand both horizontal and vertical services to provide customizable and integrated solutions for edge-to-edge operations. The companies aim to create the next generation of virtual network functions focused on bringing Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity to customers and communities. The work will focus on four key areas: business continuity, virtualization of mission operations, space data analytics, and user terminals and edge integration.

The companies said they will focus on bundling connectivity with cloud services and edge computing services, delivering continuity through an integrated infrastructure backed by the LEO constellation. The companies will also support virtual mission operations for customers. They will aggregate new levels of predictive and trending data analytics to support space and ground operations. Lastly, they plan to deploy seamless cloud to edge solutions with a LEO-connected user terminal.  

Clint Crosier AWS director of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions said: “We are excited to work with OneWeb in their efforts to provide cloud-based connectivity and deliver innovative services to customers worldwide. AWS is committed to helping customers reimagine space systems, accelerate innovation, and turn data into useful insights quickly.”