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Eutelsat and Senet Partner on Terrestrial and Satellite LoRaWAN IoT Connectivity

By Rachel Jewett | January 11, 2022

Eutelsat’s ELO constellation dedicated to IoT. Photo: Eutelsat

Cloud software provider Senet has partnered with Eutelsat Communications, TrakAssure, and Wyld Networks to offer interoperable terrestrial and satellite LoRaWAN IoT connectivity. The organizations have formed the Multimodal IoT Infrastructure Consortium (MMIIC) to bring solutions to market targeting the supply chain industry, including container logistics and related asset tracking.

Eutelsat is currently testing its ELO nanosatellites (Eutelsat LEO for Objects), which will provide LoRaWAN coverage and allow sensor devices to transmit data from hard to reach areas. An initial ELO nanosatellite built by Tyvak International was launched in 2021, and ELO 1 and ELO 2 are payloads on Loft Orbital satellites, also launched in 2021

Senet has agreed to provide terrestrial LoRaWAN network connectivity and offer Eutelsat satellite coverage through its extended coverage services. In practice, IoT devices will connect to Senet terrestrial networks and then automatically switch to satellite in coverage gaps. The companies are planning a commercial services launch in the second half of 2022 with pilots beginning in February 2022.

“With its satellite connectivity offering ELO, Eutelsat will enable network operators like Senet to propose transformational, global, hybrid LoRaWAN connectivity, over lands and seas, at the same low-price points. Because ELO is fully compatible with the LoRaWAN standard, IoT solution providers and device manufacturers like TrakAssure and Wyld can easily, rapidly and inexpensively adapt their existing LoRaWAN products to make them ELO-compatible.”

TrakAssure and Wyld Networks are collaborating on the sensor-enabled end device. Wyld is designing and producing the hardware module using standard LoRaWAN compliant chips and components.