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David Kagan Becomes Globalstar President and COO

By Caleb Henry | January 14, 2016

[Via Satellite 01-14-2016] Globalstar appointed David Kagan as the company’s new president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective Jan. 13. Kagan is responsible for all functions in support of the company’s revenue growth and will report to Jay Monroe, chairman and CEO.

Immediately before joining Globalstar, Kagan was president of ITC Global. He also served as president and CEO of Globe Wireless for three years, and as president and CEO of MTN — now part of EMC — for 12 years. He has 19 years of leadership experience in the international satellite industry, having held various board, CEO/president, COO and CFO positions since 1997.

“The board of directors and I identified this position as crucial to the company’s ongoing strategic growth as we prepare to launch our next-gen service upgrades, new products to leverage our industry-leading infrastructure and continue to expand our global footprint, particularly in South America, Africa and Asia,” said Monroe Globalstar.  “Mr. Kagan has consistently demonstrated his ability to manage this type of global revenue and profit growth.”