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Airtel Ghana Partners with Thuraya for Hybrid Coverage

By Caleb Henry | July 29, 2015
Ghana Flag Africa

The flag of Ghana. Photo: David Whillans (Flickr)

[Via Satellite 07-29-2015] Airtel Ghana and Thuraya Telecommunications have partnered to provide 100 percent coverage for Ghanaians through a combination of terrestrial and mobile satellite connectivity. Thuraya’s satellite-based solutions will help bridge the digital divide both for individuals and businesses through an agreement with Airtel Ghana that gives people living in rural and remote areas greater and clearer access to voice and data connectivity. Airtel has partnered with Thuraya to provide mobile satellite products and services across 17 countries in Africa.

“This partnership demonstrates Airtel’s commitment to lead the market by providing cutting edge, technology-driven solutions for the benefit of its enterprise and high-value customers,” said Maxwell Dodd, director of Airtel Business.