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Inmarsat Maritime to Provide Communications Services to Small Vessels

By Rachel Scharmann | May 12, 2014
Small Vessels

Small vessels will now be connected to the Internet through the Inmarsat Fleet One service. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

[Via Satellite 05-12-2014] Inmarsat Maritime unveiled its Fleet One service, which will allow for vessel owners to have uninterrupted Internet access, while at the same time keeping the ability to send SMS messages and hold telephone conversations onboard. This service will allow for yacht and fishing boat owners alike to use the same broadband services that larger vessels have access to.

“There is a large market of unconnected vessels out there today. For many of these, Fleet One will bring satellite services within reach for the first time and that is a great opportunity for the maritime community and for Inmarsat’s business,” said Frank Coles, president of Inmarsat Maritime.

The Fleet One service is delivered through a small terminal, about 2.5 kg in weight, and will offer data connectivity up to 100 Kbps, a single voice line and SMS capabilities. The service also supports Inmarsat’s 505 safety service, which routes directly to a Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in an emergency, alerting the safety service of your position and nature of distress.