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Delta to Launch International Wi-Fi Access on 747-400 Aircraft

By Katie Kriz | March 26, 2014
Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400

Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

[Via Satellite 03-26-2014] Delta Air Lines will be launching Gogo’s Wi-Fi service on Ku-band-enabled Boeing 747-400 aircraft flying from Los Angeles International Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Narita International Airport in Tokyo. The airline is also working on equipping other international flights with the same technology.

Delta expects all 747-400 aircraft to be equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities by mid-2014, and is planning on installing the same service on its entire international fleet by the end of 2015 including its Boeing 777, 767, 747, Airbus A330 and transoceanic Boeing 757 aircraft. Delta and Gogo are currently in the final testing phase for Wi-Fi on the Airbus A330 fleet, and the addition of in-flight Internet for more than 150 international aircraft, which will expand the number of worldwide aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi to approximately 1,000 jets.