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ThinKom’s ThinSAT 300 and iDirect’s OpenAMIP Protocol Are Now Interoperable

By Tai Nichols | October 2, 2013
The Thinsat 300 antenna Photo:ThinKom

The ThinSAT 300 antenna

[Via Satellite 10-02-13] ThinKom Solutions’ ultra-low profile ThinSAT 300 antenna, which provides global communications-on-the-move (COTM) connectivity, has been qualified to be interoperable with iDirect‘s OpenAMIP protocol. Complying with iDirect’s OpenAMIP enables ThinKom to grow its operations to deliver two-way data, streaming video and VoIP applications for mobile ground units within the government, first responders, transportation and enterprise/commercial markets.

OpenAMIP is an IP-based protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between an antenna controller unit and a satellite router, allowing the router to command the antenna and enabling the use of automated beam selection, which transfers connectivity from one satellite beam to the next as the mobile platform passes through multiple footprints.

The ThinSAT 300 is an ultra low-profile solution for Ku-band COTM capabilities. It measures 4.5 inches high by 60 inches long, and provides data rates up to 8Mbps. Additionally, it supports broadband data, voice and video connectivity for ground vehicles used in news media and broadcasters, disaster recovery, homeland security, surveillance and security, trains and public transit industries.