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Viasat Reaches 50,000 Connected Sites in Brazil

By | July 28, 2022

Brazil flag. Photo: Via Freepik/Wirestock

Viasat has now reached the 50,000 sites mark in Brazil, a market in which it has been operating since 2018. Viasat announced this milestone July 27. While Viasat’s customers are located throughout the country, 33% of its customers are in the Northeast, followed by 25% in the North and 21% in the Southeast. Viasat claims it is the first internet service provider to offer residential connectivity in 100% of Brazil.

In partnership with leading telco, Telebras, through the SGDC-1 satellite, Viasat has connected government agencies and millions of students through the Wi-Fi Brasil program resulting in more than 20,000 internet access points, including 10,000 points located in rural and indigenous schools, health posts, public service facilities, non-profit organizations and more. As a result, more than 5 million students who previously lacked internet in these rural schools and indigenous communities can now benefit from online access. Together, Viasat, Telebras and the Wi-Fi Brasil program have boosted the social and digital inclusion of more than 9 million Brazilians through internet access points installed in 3,055 cities.

Viasat launched high-speed internet service for residential customers in Brazil in 2020.

“Surpassing 50,000 sites since becoming Brazil’s first and only nationwide residential internet service provider 18 months ago is a testament of our growth in the Brazilian market. To further drive our commitment across Brazil, we are also introducing a localized Viasat brand that includes more vibrant colors which reflects the essence of Brazilian culture,” Leandro Gaunszer, managing director of Viasat Brazil, said in a statement.