Technology Webcast Series: On Demand

November 13, 2023

Did you miss a webinar, or do you want to rewatch one you attended? Check out our Technology Webcast Series: On Demand webinars below!

Hybrid Satcom Networks for DoD | Presented by Comtech

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In today’s threat environment, maintaining a technology and information advantage is critical. To stay ahead of near-peer adversaries, the U.S. Department of Defense is moving forward with key modernization initiatives that will enable all-domain information superiority for decades to come. As a trusted partner of the DoD, Comtech is evolving its strategic roadmap as the company looks to lead the way in providing smart networks, future communications, and new insights for the DoD. With a rich heritage in building advanced hardware, Comtech is now focused on providing the DoD and coalition partners with added value through integrating software and solutions to exploit emerging capabilities.

Join Nicole Robinson and Daniel Gizinski as they discuss the importance of hybrid networks for all-domain operations; the U.S. Space Force Enterprise SATCOM vision; and Comtech’s move to virtualized solutions and services.

Purpose-Built Linux for Aerospace and Defense | Presented by WindRiver

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Since 2016, open-source software has become a focal point of the US military’s software development strategy (The People’s Code | (, with the Department of Defense becoming one of the largest users of open-source Linux distributions. They hoped that this change would lead to faster and more efficient innovation, while allowing advancements to be shared across projects and industries. Across the A&D space, we see a similar push, with many projects facing similar challenges and turning to lean on proven, reliable software.

In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits that purpose-built Linux provides to developers building applications for embedded systems in the aerospace and defense industry.

You Will Learn:

  • What issues embedded developers face when building applications
  • Why developers work with Linux
  • How purpose-built Linux can decrease time-to-market and improve application safety

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series | How Startups are Shaping the “Future Space Economy” Narrative

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Over the course of this debut season of Future Space Economy, we’ve learned how dependent both private and public sector space investors are on startups to bring enabling technologies to life. Today’s space startups are pitching their products as the glue that will hold the Future Space Economy together.

In this episode, the leaders and founders of space startups across multiple applications join us to discuss what they feel are the strongest opportunities for their businesses to succeed in an expanding space ecosystem. We also ask them if investors are buying into the space economy for the long haul, and whether or not startups could play a leading role in shaping space policy.

The Role of Satellite in Supply Chain Communications | Presented by Intelsat

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The Role of Satellite in Supply Chain Communications

Mining, farming, forestry, drilling, and commercial fishing operations, as well as the transport of goods across land and sea, are all key parts of the supply chain ecosystem. But keeping supply chain communications flowing across that ecosystem can be challenging in areas where fiber and cellular connectivity are spotty or non-existent. That’s why high-performing and reliable satellite connectivity is critical to supply chain logistics and management.

In this webinar, you will hear from experts on the role that satellite connectivity plays in keeping the supply chain connected from production to the transport of goods to their final destination.

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series | Protecting the Space Economy Part 2: Cyber Defenses and National Security

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Most of us understand the damage caused by cyberattacks on Earth. In space, the consequences of cyberattacks are much more dire. They can sabotage years of economic activity, threaten national security and the lives of astronauts and in-space personnel, and spark uncontrollable military action in an already dangerous environment. In this episode, we’ll learn about how modern approaches to cyber and national security change when dealing with complex in-space infrastructure, and protecting human activity in space. In part 1 of this discussion, we talked about the legal framework and policies needed to protect the Future Space Economy. Part 2 focuses on the software, tools, and technological solutions needed to protect space networks.

Unleashing the Power of Satellites for Global Goals Presented by Spacebridge

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The Sustainable Development Goals aim to significantly decrease and ultimately eliminate the impact of social, economic, and environmental inequalities within developing nations.

Satellite connectivity can help nations achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Satellites can provide critical data and connectivity services that can support a wide range of sustainable development efforts, including access to internet and communication services to improve social inclusion, access to education, access to remote and local healthcare, as well as contribute to the monitoring of important environmental indicators (clean energy, sustainable agriculture, urban planning, disaster response, climate change mitigation and adaptation).

Join this webinar to learn about:
– Sustained Development Goals
– SpaceBridge multipurpose hub and remotes
– How satellite and other beneficial technologies are addressing Global Goals such as: education, commerce, monitoring, social and communications

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series | The Evolution of the Space Tourism “Experience”

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As it exists today, the space tourism “experience” relies on the thrill of just being in space for a select group of dedicated space enthusiasts. However, for this budding tourism industry to grow, it needs to appeal to a broader “mainstream” audience and to those who want more than a rocket ride and a view of the Earth. In this episode, we’ll talk to people who are working to build a more complete space tourism experience package that includes pre- and post-launch adventures, in-space activities and entertainment. Learn about your next potential vacation in space!

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series | Why Race Back to the Moon? The Value of the Lunar Economy

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Didn’t we already go to the Moon? Why are we going back? What did we leave behind? In this episode, The Future Space Economy webcast host Jeffrey Hill speaks with researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and civil space experts about why the world’s leading space-faring nations are racing back to the moon. We’ll discuss the value of lunar materials and resources, research on the “dark side of the moon,” and the economic opportunities created by just getting there (as well as getting there first).

Unleashing Potential on the Move: Exploring the Synergy of Satellite and Cellular Technologies for Remote Land Mobility | Presented by Kymeta

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The panel will cover how cellular and satellite technology work together to provide redundant solutions for industries that have not traditionally thought of satellite communications as an essential part of their business. Our solutions help provide efficiency and safety to teams out in remote, off the grid areas connecting them with those they need to communicate with to act and respond, making critical business decisions.

Expert Discussion: Modern Software Development for the Future of the Battlespace | Presented by WindRiver

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The future of battlefield is digital and will depend less on discrete warfighting platforms and more on the networks, data and the IT infrastructure that binds them together. Dominating and protecting the connected battlefield will require the prime contractors and the DOD to successfully build more scalable, adaptable, and powerful platforms than those provided by older legacy systems.

The defense industry is looking at modern software development methods and tools to advance next generation defense systems. This will help allow new defense systems to be more agile, cost-effective, safer and cybersecure.

Attend the Defense Daily expert panel discussion to learn from software technology experts how modern software development methods such as, DevSecOps, software application containers, simulation and new developer tools are allowing defense systems to be more agile, intelligent, efficient, easily updateable, utilize strong cybersecurity and utilize the latest safety advancements.

The Evolution of Multi-Service Satellites Enabled by Advanced Onboard Computing | Presented by Ramon.Space

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As the satellite industry shifts towards a new paradigm of smart, autonomous multi-service satellites that revolutionize and optimize business models, a pressing need for powerful and efficient Earth-like computing emerges. In this not-to-be-missed webinar, we will delve into the rapidly evolving end-user demands, and explore the crucial role that software-based onboard computing plays in enabling these multi-service satellites.

By attending this webinar, participants will:

1. Understand the need for multi-service satellites to support rapidly evolving end-user demands
2. Discover how multi-service satellites ensure profitability through multiple revenue streams
3. Learn about the challenges of implementing advanced onboard computing for space
4. Gain insights into the essential elements of a computing infrastructure required to enable fully flexible SW-based satellite operation
5. Recognize how advanced onboard computing optimizes system performance, maximizes mission efficiency, and saves operating costs

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series: Laws and Liability in Space: How Do We Protect People, Businesses and Intellectual Property in Orbit?

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Space is an exciting new frontier for the global economy, but like all frontiers, it exists largely without a legal framework to guide and protect the people and businesses that would participate in this economy. This webcast will bring space industry and legal experts together to address some tough questions related to space law and how it relates to new economic activity: How do we define corporate ownership, or liability in space? How would lawsuits over activities in space proceed? What are the “rules of the road” for space today? And how does space policy need to evolve for the future? Who is responsible for creating the legal framework for space? And, how critical is cooperation with other space-faring nations?

Resilient Integrated Solutions for Government and Military Satcom Presented by ST Engineering iDirect

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With increasingly complex and dispersed military operations and the lack of suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP), there is growing demand for secure, end-to-end resilient integrated solutions to ensure seamless communications and information assurance. Join ST Engineering iDirect, global leader in IP-based satellite communications, and GRC Ltd., a leading VSAT defence integrator, to learn about:

*The changing security threat landscape
*Building resilience for modern GOV/MILSATCOM networks
*Emerging requirements for critical communications
*Advanced terminals for today’s military

A Journey in Space Convergence Presented by Comtech

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From GEOINT through SATCOM, between the satellites, through the cloud, and to the ground – a panel of industry leaders describe the dynamic trends of multi orbit and multi-modality convergence and what it means for the future of space-based capabilities.

Speakers include:

  • Nicole Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer, Comtech
  • Tina Ghataore, Chief Commercial Officer of Mynaric and President Mynaric USA
  • Amy Mehlman, Vice President, Global Affairs and Stakeholder Relations, E-Space
  • Rachel Jacobs, Mission Advocate, Aerospace & Satellite Solutions Team, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Janie Robinson, President, Descartes Labs Government

Continuous Security in a CI/CD DevSecOps Lifecycle Model | Presented by WindRiver

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As more organizations start their digital transformation journey, the widespread adoption of and migration toward cloud computing increases speed, agility, and scalability for the development and deployment of embedded devices. Complementing the power of the cloud with DevOps makes collective collaboration between remote teams seamless. However, with these advantages comes an increased risk in information security.

Today’s modern DevSecOps environments are not only designed and architected to be secure platforms, but also integrate tools and services to provide continuous security throughout CI/CD workflows. All of which results in the development and deployment of secure embedded platforms and applications.

What you will learn:
*Elements of a secure security journey
*How to secure a cloud-native DevOps platform
*Tips for a secure software development lifecycle (DevSecOps)

Low-Power, High Performance Computing for Converged Satellite-Terresterial Use Cases: Satellite Communications, Imaging and Secure Networking | Presented by Coherent Logix

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

* How to leverage the convergence of Space 2.0 and Terrestrial use cases.
* How low power, high performance SoCs change launch costs, capability sets and the service life of satellites for Space 2.0, and provide low-cost, green computing options for the Terrestrial Edge.
* Why C-programmability is the key to winning at convergence and a game-changer for time-to-market and development of ARR/MRR software revenues.
* How software and stacks written for space applications can be reused for terrestrial, and vice-versa.
* What the fully converged Space 2.0 – Terrestrial Edge future looks like.

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series: The Value of Medical Research and Development in Space

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Learn why some of the world’s leading medical research companies are investing in the development of space-based facilities to study and manufacture improved medicines. What unique advantages does space’s microgravity environment provide that cannot be replicated on Earth? What does a space-based medical research facility look like and how is it managed? This discussion features representatives from space companies that are working with medical research partners to bring innovative healthcare to the world through future space technologies

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series: Computing Power in Space: Extending our Complex Data Infrastructure Beyond Earth

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Today’s modern global economy runs on data, and the world’s most successful industries and organizations are defined by the speed and efficiency in which they access that data. Defining success in space will be no different – a vibrant, diverse, and productive economy in space will require massive amounts of data that can easily be accessed by facilities on Earth and shared between satellites, vehicles, and space stations in orbit. In this episode, we’ll hear from speakers working on space computing platforms for the future space economy. We’ll learn how they are building to support advanced applications and automation in the space environment, and how virtualized networks will work to transfer data from space to Earth. The panel will also discuss efforts to protect this data and eliminate risks to critical operations.

Making Hybridized Connectivity a Global Reality Presented by Comtech

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Thanks to the convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications infrastructure, we’re closer than ever to a future that will offer continuous and ubiquitous connectivity. Comtech’s next chapter as a company embodies our unique ability to identify and deliver solutions and services needed to connect everything and everyone.

Join this technology webinar to learn about:

• How terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks can coexist in order to enable mission critical solutions for citizens, governments, and enterprises.
• How a Cloud Native Dynamic Platform provides a framework for integrating applications into diverse infrastructures and management systems.
• How Comtech’s Innovation foundry brings to bear new and innovative approaches to solving customer problems.

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series: Business Models in Space: How Private Industry, Civil Space Agencies, and Government Collaborate to Achieve Common Goals

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In this webcast, we’ll explain how private businesses, industries, civil space agencies, government organizations, and commercial space companies form strategic partnerships and collaborate with each other to accomplish a mission. We’ll start with how existing commercial space industry business models work. For example: How do customers engage with launch services? How are satellites procured? How can an organization access space without having to build their own satellite or buy their own rocket? We’ll also take a look at the International Space Station (ISS) as an example of a space-based economic hub involving a variety of business models and partnerships. Our guest speakers will provide valuable guidance on how you or your organization can engage with the right partners to help you access space and become an active participant in the Future Space Economy

Moving from Vision to Reality: A Closer Look at the Ground Segment’s Innovation Journey Presented by ST Engineering iDirect

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We’ll take the journey from the New Ground vision, through R&D all the way to first proof of concepts, highlighting multiple industry perspectives as we go. We will cover:

Space to Ground integration:
*The future of dynamic allocation of satellite resources across multi-orbits.
*The future of automated resource and service orchestration

Cloud and Digitization:
*The future of scaling network infrastructure through cloud based architecturesCreation of hybrid service offerings in a 5G era:
*The future of satcom as a complementary technology to terrestrial 5G, offering ubiquity, continuity/reliability and service scalability.

Connecting Land Mobility Everywhere: How Advances in Satellite Keep Machines and People on the Move Connected  Presented by Intelsat

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Today’s businesses and other organizations are looking for more ways to significantly increase productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and response time in their operations and functions. This requires constant access to reliable connectivity when machines and people on the move are in operation or working in areas where terrestrial connectivity is not available or reliable.


  • The role of satellite comms-on-the-move (COTM) and comms-on-the-pause (COTP) solutions in providing reliable, high-performing connectivity for machines and people operating in areas where terrestrial coverage is not available or reliable.
  • Real-world examples of how satellite COTM and COTP plays a role in providing mission critical connectivity in disaster response scenarios, such as earthquakes and tornadoes.
  • How the evolution of Software-defined Satellites, Software-defined Networks, and multi-orbit/multi-layer solutions (combining GEO, NGSO, and 5G) will help unlock new opportunities and enable new innovative technologies supporting land mobile use cases.
  • The latest and emerging satellite terminal solutions that make powerful satellite COTM and COTP connectivity possible for land mobile applications.

Design Considerations for Field Ready Manpack and Flyaway Terminals | Presented by Micro-Ant

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There are many unique challenges to developing segmented reflectors that optimize for signal strength, compliance, ease of use and reliability in difficult field conditions. Developing a complete solution is an expensive investment and requires a deep expertise of systems integration, RF materials, composite manufacturing processes, antenna design principles and customer requirements.

During this virtual session you will learn about

• Requirements for a field-ready and reliable product

• Critical-to-compliance design elements and features

• Testing and validation principles to de-risk your product

• Latest developments in MEO/LEO compatible components for parabolic systems

Commercial Use Opportunities for Laser Communication Presented by Mynaric

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The exponential growth of the satellite industry in the coming years will advance the need for satellite-to-satellite communications. With mega constellations planned by commercial satellite providers, the global market for laser communications is increasing. Advantages of this proven and emerging technology include the ability to transmit large quantities of data, security, ease of deployment and the fact that it is license-free. We will take a deep dive into how the commercial landscape is driving the interest in laser communications. Topics covered in the Commercial Use Opportunities for Laser Communications webinar will include:

• The future growth of the commercial satellite market and the role of laser communications technology
• The need for satellite-to-satellite communications and why laser communications technology is necessary
• How laser communications can enhance Earth observation, data relay networks, multi-orbit constellations, and much more

The Future Space Economy Webcast Series: The Next “Giant Leap” – How Industry, Technology, and People Move Off Earth to Create a New Economy in Space

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The commercial space industry wants the government and the financial community to invest in building the infrastructure needed to expand the modern economy into space. This includes building new spaceports on Earth, space stations in orbit, and transportation corridors to the moon. To accomplish this goal, the space industry must first convince private industry, policymakers, and the general public that they will benefit from this investment.

• Why bring the global economy into space?
• What is the short- and long-term vision for the space economy?
• How will this be managed?
• How will interests be protected in space?

This is the first in a planned series of “Future Space Economy” webcasts designed to educate audiences about the opportunities, challenges, risks, and rewards of expanding economic activity off-world. This webcast series will highlight specific activities in space, ranging from healthcare, research, mining, tourism, and energy. This webcast is the “101” session to get you started!

The future of SATCOM: SATCOM-as-a-Service | Presented by Ovzon

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Traditionally, government and military would lease satellite capacity and then purchase the hardware. SATCOM-as-a-Service has changed that forever. Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service solutions meet the growing demand for global connectivity for customers with the highest performance requirements including Government, Defense, Emergency Services (Police, Public Safety, Fire brigade etc.) Mariners, Media and NGOs.

Ovzon´s CEO Per Norén will discuss the following:
*SATCOM vs SATCOM-as-a-Service.
*Why is SATCOM-as-a-Service a better way to meet requirements for defense, rescue, or humanitarian missions?
*Why mobility, resiliency, and performance are no more nice to have!

How do you ensure secure and resilient communication in an increasingly unsafe and unstable world? | Presented by ND SATCOM

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The SKYWAN technology offers huge advantages compared to widespread VSAT networks that dependent on large and expensive gateways. We’ll show you our approach to fulfils these customers’ requirements by providing a cost-saving, scalable and user-friendly solution. In addition, we will highlight the most important fields of applications for our customers – such as Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) and deployable ground stations. Together with our partner company GISS, highly integrated, flexible and multi-band manpacks are provided as part of our turnkey solutions. Finally, we are proud to present our solution for helicopter satellite communication to the ground – reliable, flexible and broadband!

You will learn:
– About the advantages of SKYWAN with its mesh topology
– Why security is not only about encryption
– How modern manpacks and deployable ground stations are orchestrated within a turn-key solution
– Why SATCOM for helicopters is a big challenge and how our solution works

Leveraging Commercial RF Data in Modern Warfare and National Security | Presented by Hawkeye 360

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Commercial space-based RF intelligence provides a very important first layer of intelligence, with vital detection and geolocation capabilities, to augment the US government and its allies. In this webinar, you’ll learn how RF data and analytics can drastically enhance multi-INT workflows with speed, accuracy, and efficiency for land and maritime applications.

You will also gain real-world insight into RF applications such as:

• Gaining situational awareness of Ukraine through GPS Interference
• Detecting possible dark vessels attempting to avoid discovery
• Identifying military radar systems through an RF-initiated workflow
• Plus, time for Q&A

Evolution of Public Safety Communications. New Solutions for an Old Problem. | Presented by Kymeta

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Learn about Kymeta’s industry leading, electronically steered antenna. Discover First Responder Net by IP Access which combines satellite and cellular networks (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and FirstNet). During this virtual session, you will be learning from industry leaders in public safety communications about the latest developments with this revolutionary antenna, obtain the latest updates in GEO and LEO constellations, and understand technologies that are optimized specifically for public safety and first responder customers that allows for resilient communications “on-the-move” and “on-the-pause”.

· We will discuss key technologies utilized in public safety and how those technologies are reliant upon connectivity.
· We will have an overview of the Kymeta Hawk u8 in Public Safety, what it brings to the field
· We will explain, a communications platform prioritized for Public Safety and Emergency Response
· We will discuss the next phase of emergency communications and the challenges that this new phase brings to public safety.

Why Orbit Matters? Optimizing your network performances with GEO, MEO and LEO | Presented by SES

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Communication using satellites plays a vital role in extending network reach across the telecommunications industry, delivering essential services where terrestrial networks are unavailable or not feasible. However, not all satellite networks are created equal. Providers offer different solutions depending on the orbits available to them, and so understanding how the distance of the spacecraft from Earth—in combination with the availability of key elements of next-generation satellite system architecture—affect performance is crucial for decision making when defining your digital strategy.

Want to know more about the trade-off between LEO, MEO and GEO? Join our webinar on a multi-orbit world and explore the right strategy in an ever changing world of satellite networks with industry experts:

• Caleb Henry, Senior Analyst at Quilty Analytics
• Valvanera Moreno, Director of Program integration at SES
• Brady Spenrath, O3b mPOWER Manager Portfolio & Segment Marketing at SES

Laser Communications in Space: Enabling Global Connectivity | Presented by Mynaric

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Globally, the need for fast, secure and ubiquitous network connectivity is advancing inexorably. Data networks such as the internet are now largely based on infrastructure on the ground which cannot be expanded arbitrarily for legal, economic or logistical reasons. The future, therefore, calls for an expansion of the existing network infrastructure into air and space.

Explore how laser communications is the technology which will enable global connectivity. Topics covered in the Laser Communications in Space: Enabling Global Connectivity webinar will include:

*The role of laser communications to enable space-based Internet
*Advantages of laser communications technology for interoperability among satellites in mega constellations
*Trends in satellite constellations
*Technical challenges of space-based laser communications and how to overcome them

Spaceflight’s Sherpa OTV Program | Presented by Spaceflight

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Leading the industry, space transportation and rideshare provider Spaceflight Inc. has successfully launched three different variations of its Sherpa orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs) carrying nearly 50 spacecraft, and is planning to launch several more in the next year. Beyond functioning as a port expander, these modular and flexible transportation vehicles are designed to bridge the gap between where a LV drops its satellites off and the satellites’ final destination orbit. Spaceflight will provide updates on the Sherpas on orbit, those next on the launch pad, and address future capabilities along with the increased demand for both orbital transfer to, and hosted payload operations in, higher Earth orbits and deep space.

At this webinar, you’ll learn:
● The status of Sherpa-LTE, Spaceflight’s electric propulsive OTV, from its year on orbit
● The commissioning of Sherpa-AC, which launched in May 2022, how it’s servicing hosted payloads
● Updates on Sherpa-LTC, Spaceflight’s chemical propulsive OTV, which is being readied for a future launch
● Spaceflight’s GEO Pathfinder mission next year, which features Sherpa-ES and a lunar flyby, followed by return to Geostationary Earth Orbit to deploy payloads there
● How both commercial and government organizations are leveraging the Sherpa OTV portfolio to execute challenging missions to destinations that are difficult to reach

Taking Datacenters to Space | Presented by TE Connectivity

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In this webinar, TE Connectivity (TE) will discuss the important role of cabled backplane solutions in space to enable accessibility and reliability of high-speed internet access, data bandwidth and high-definition real-time image processing, along with other key factors attendees should consider when designing for connectivity performance in space.

Join TE product manager’s Clint Schlosser and Zach Galbraith where they will highlight key advantages to cabled backplane solutions, including:

• Customizable bandwidth
• Thermal Management
• Outgassing performance
• Lightweight and small size
• Space specific manufacturing
• Tin Whiskering
• Configurable Connector System for multiple protocols up to 56Gb per channel with path to 112G on the horizon

Are All Satellite Networks 5G Ready? | Presented by SES

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Satellite-based alternatives have been able to provide a path for the deployment of 3G and 4G networks anywhere for the past decades, yet there’s a limit to what traditional satellite communication solutions can deliver and 5G networks require higher throughput and lower latency.

Join this 60-minute webinar to learn about:
– The latest developments in the NGSO and how it impacts Telcos and MNOs
– How to make an informed decision about satellite-based solution for 5G?

Meeting LEO Satellite Systems Development Challenges with Simulation Technology | Presented by Wind River

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As the need for internet communications and connectivity increase in the everyday activities of the government, military, commercial and personal interactions, satellite communication systems are the key to the future growth. The combination of the elements from legacy cellular networks and new wireless technologies are creating opportunities to provide universal broadband mobility via new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks, ground station and terminals, as well as, development challenges. LEO satellite constellations, ground station and terminal system developers are facing major challenges in testing their systems and their operations to ensure successful operation, communication and security.


  • Using Simics, a full-system simulator, to launch a fully managed virtual platform and boot a complete OS in under 1 min
  • Develop a custom control script to interact with virtual platform autonomously
  • Build and dynamically integrate a bespoke device model into the running simulation

Advanced Mobility SATCOM Technology for Land-Based Sectors | A Partner Perspective Webinar | Presented by ST Engineering iDirect

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VSAT delivers true broadband to commercial and governmental organizations for fleets and vehicles on the move enabling access to reliable, flexible and secure communications. Land-based mobility operations depend on a network enabled by advanced mobility technologies that are neither ubiquitous, nor standard. Advanced mobility technology, along with the right combination of performance, antenna form factor and cost, enables a wide range of applications across trucking fleets, rail cars, emergency response and humanitarian operations, and more.


  • Technology factors to delivering satellite communications connectivity for land mobile Path to network hybridization and interoperability
  • Latest antenna and terminal integration to meet requirements and create business cases
  • Results and lessons learned by active end user deployments in various commercial and humanitarian/government sectors

Comtech Defense Solutions: Enabling Secure and Resilient Communications | Presented by Comtech

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Secure satellite communications allow for faster decision-making across the ground, air, and sea. Comtech Defense Solutions leverage open architectures and support multi-orbit communications to ensure constant connectivity.

Join this technology webinar to learn more about:
– Comtech’s history and positioning with a focus on program successes within the DoD community
– Comtech’s unique solution offering and technical advantage
– Partnerships with Comtech and open architecture designs that ensure ease of use
– Today’s real-world challenges and solutions for tomorrow

Rethinking Ground Segment as a Service | Presented by Viasat

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The need for 24/7 persistent TT&C and payload connectivity will continue to grow. Viasat has created a network of globally dispersed ground stations for the earth observation and remote sensing communities to address diverse mission requirements. Viasat’s GSaaS offering is agile across satellite inclinations and orbits- enabling optimized throughput for customers.

In this session we will cover topics such as:
*Viasat’s automation of the ground infrastructure
*Integration with a global LEO to GEO ISL relay
*The advantages of being a GSaaS provider backed by Viasat – a leading provider of space and networking technology

Delivering on Data Demands | Advanced Mobility for Maritime | Presented by ST Engineering iDirect

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Every maritime sector, from leisure boats to major cruise liners and from regional trawlers to transoceanic shipping wants one thing – data. Passengers expect a seamless living-room experience, uploading and downloading without limits. Commercial operators want high efficiency and performance to manage data onto and off of vessels. Maritime customers also need to leverage a range of access technologies combined into a common network. Advanced mobility underpins all of these requirements. Understanding how mobility technology affects service is how businesses can elevate the value of data for all users.

Airline Considerations for Inflight Connectivity | A Partner Perspective On Advanced Mobility | Presented by ST Engineering iDirect

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Airline Service Providers rely on advanced mobility technology incorporated with their value-added services to meet the unique inflight connectivity (IFC) requirements of their customers. A chosen IFC network needs to deliver data rates of hundreds of megabits per second to aircraft to satiate passengers and operational applications. Choosing an IFC Service Provider is a high stakes decision that touches many aspects of the airline’s business from brand loyalty to safety.


  • A behind-the-scenes look at what an advanced mobility platform contributes to the Service Provider’s network and where advanced mobility affects the airline’s service and the passenger’s experience.
  • What to watch out for today and in the future to ensure that a Service Provider’s advanced mobility platform is effective for the service and applications the user needs.
  • Results from Service Providers who have effectively incorporated their value-added services and applications into an advanced mobility platform to yield the highest airline customer satisfaction.

A New Era of Seamless Satcom Solutions | Presented by Comtech

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Transforming the way data is transferred, and the applicability of that data requires a VSAT solution designed to deliver the big and small network flexibility to support a broad range of applications and markets – from broadcast and government to mobility and enterprise – over one intelligent platform. Comtech ELEVATE is a new VSAT product from Comtech which combines the return access technologies of Heights/H-DNA, known for its bandwidth efficiency and highest data throughput with best-in-class UHP TDMA, which excels in fast allocation of network resources.

Learn more about advanced satellite networking and Comtech ELEVATE:
– How to empower seamless integration of hybrid multi-provider and multi-layered satellite bandwidth resources
– Maximize bandwidth faster with maximum operational efficiency
– How an ultra-intelligent VSAT platform would help fast-track your transformation by using virtualization, cloud computing, and Software-Defined architecture

Linking With LEO: Overview of the principal elements of a LEO Uplink | Presented by Advantech Technologies

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Discussion will include the main elements of a LEO commlink, including antenna, amplifier and modem. The business case of Ku/Ka band LEO terminals creates challenges for manufacturers of the products that comprise a terminal. Where GSO satellite systems have the advantage of “coverage stability” on the earth, NGSO terminals need to be “smart”, as they’re constantly handing off communication between the many satellites in the constellation. LEO Terminals need sophisticated antenna systems – comparable to the beamforming antennas used for terrestrial 5G, that can track 2 LEO satellites simultaneously.

How To Navigate The Next Generation Ground Technology Journey | Presented by ST Engineering

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ST Engineering iDirect explores the ways in which you can embrace next generation ground technology and examine the benefits, the challenges and the opportunities it presents. We’ll look at a journey from the New Ground vision, through R&D, technology, and products, all the way to market implementation, highlighting multiple customer perspectives as we go.

During this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn how:

– New Ground infrastructure aligns with broader telco, wireless and IT transformational trends
– Network and orchestration technologies work in unison to enable truly seamless service
– Virtualization best practices, cloud-based architectures, and standards lead to fast-tracked innovations and flexible business models

How Space-based Commercial ELINT Innovation Advances Government Initiatives | Presented by HawkEye 360

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With the proliferation of small satellites and commoditization of space data, the commercial space industry has a unique opportunity to augment defense and intelligence capabilities, while reducing costs and offering increased technological innovation. This is especially true in the utilization of commercial Radio Frequency (RF) Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT). Yet, other nations are seeking the same technological advantage, designating space as a top industrial priority. What bold action needs to be taken to advance national and international security?

In this webinar, you will learn about:
– The crucial role commercial RF remote sensing data plays in enhancing government missions and supporting broad intelligence needs
– The enormous national security benefits that come with using space-based ELINT data
– The advantages of HawkEye 360’s space-based ELINT, which goes beyond providing data-as-a-service

Rugged Fiber Optics Launch New Possibilities for Satellite Electronic Packaging and Interconnects | Presented by TE Connectivity

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TE Connectivity will discuss the critical role of fiber optics technology in electronic packaging for satellites in low earth and geostationary orbit (LEO and GEO). Designers will learn how combining multi-fiber connectivity and optical flex circuits allows access to state-of-the-art optical performances, all while cutting weight and packaging size.

During this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how fiber optics:

– Deliver substantial weight savings
– Offer highly customizable solutions
– Enable design flexibility for creative packaging schemes

Cislunar and GEO Rideshare: Exploring Beyond LEO | Presented by Spaceflight
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Space transportation and rideshare provider Spaceflight Inc. recently announced a breakthrough cislunar rideshare mission — “GEO Pathfinder.” As the secondary payload on Intuitive Machines’ IM-2 South Pole Mission in Q4 2022, Spaceflight is offering smallsat rideshare deployments in trans-lunar orbit, low-lunar orbit and beyond to geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO). The company will utilize a unique lunar flyby to deploy payloads into a near-GEO orbital destination via its newest propulsive transfer vehicle, Sherpa Escape (Sherpa-ES).

During this 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn about:

*Cislunar rideshare opportunities for smallsats
*Spaceflight’s GEO Pathfinder mission
*Spaceflight’s Sherpa-ES OTV capabilities and benefits

Common Issues and Concerns Organizations Face in CMMC Compliance…and How to Prepare for Them | Presented by Kratos
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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a unified security standard and a certification process developed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to significantly enhance cybersecurity across the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The CMMC framework requires organizations seeking certification to undergo a security assessment conducted by a CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO), of which Kratos is one of only two companies authorized at this time. Kratos’ assessment process consists of four phases (Planning, Assessment, Results and Remediation) that are designed to provide organization seeking certification with the greatest opportunity for success.


  • What is CMMC and who needs it?
  • Strategic and operational challenges of implementing CMMC
  • What we have learned from our CMMC customers
  • Pre-assessment steps that can facilitate a smooth assessment and CMMC certification
  • The Kratos assessment process
  • How can we stay informed about CMMC?

New Space, LEO Race and the Hybrid Multi-purpose Universal CPE | Presented by SpaceBridge
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This new world is full of threats for costly and complicated satellite links, but also full of opportunities. On the satellite side, VHTS, GEO, and New high-throughput LEO satellite systems are being introduced. But how can the new satellite systems can take its part in the big picture of Networking and Telecommunication unified systems?

Perhaps it’s time to remove the fine line between satellite and non-satellite metro ethernet network. How? Tune in to discover the answer to this question, as well as learn about the introduction of WaveSwitch Universal CPE (uCPE), and MEF3.0 compliancy.

DevSecOps: An Essential Path for Protecting Intelligent Space Systems | Presented by Wind River
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DevSecOps has advanced as a critical methodology for how manufacturers develop software and integrate software testing as a continuous process, from the development of code to its deployment into production. Achieving a true DevSecOps pipeline is a key feature to protecting space systems capabilities that could be subject to cyberspace attacks. By embracing DevSecOps methods, using simulation technologies, manufacturers can overcome common challenges, such as scale testing beyond what is possible with hardware alone, the flexibility of testing scenarios, and automation.

Join this session and find out how to:

  • Provide a 24/7 automated test lab for your entire team
  • Increase test automation by 12,000%
  • Achieve 30% faster testing

Spaceflight’s Sherpa OTV Program: A Closer Look | Presented by Spaceflight
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Spaceflight’s next-gen Sherpa Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) program is enabling small satellite transportation throughout cislunar space in a way that has never been accomplished before. Intentionally architected with modular plug-and-play subsystems, the Sherpa program offers customers true flexibility including multiple types of propulsion for last mile delivery, flight-proven avionics, direct space-to-ground networks and more — all at an affordable price.

Spaceflight will be flying two OTVs, its Sherpa-FX2 and the industry’s first-ever electric propulsion OTV, Sherpa-LTE1, on SpaceX’s Transporter-2 mission, taking 36 payloads to orbit. Join Spaceflight’s VP of Engineering to get the first look at the technology, subsystems, and the capabilities behind the ground-breaking program.

The UAE on the Satcom Centre Stage: Opportunities and A New Vision for Tomorrow’s Connectivity  | Presented by Thuraya
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The UAE has embarked on a massive diversification journey, engineering a shift of focus from hydrocarbon revenues to technology-driven economic growth that is also sustainable. In a pandemic year, Yahsat was one of the few space brands to register double-digit growth and post robust returns from its businesses consisting of Yahsat Government Solutions, Thuraya, YahClick (Powered by Hughes), YahLink and Yahlive.

Yahsat cordially invites you to join this webinar to learn about its long-term strategies, newest satellite system — Thuraya 4-NGS — and the next-generation technologies that will usher in new opportunities for growth and development.

From UAV BLOS to Land Antenna Pointing: How Inertial+GNSS Technology addresses On-the-Move Satcom Challenges | Presented by SBG Systems
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Global demand for unmanned vehicles (UV) has accelerated with a focus on fully automated, remotely controlled vehicles requiring extremely robust backhaul datalinks. On-the-move satellite communication systems are essential to support this market.
SBG Systems is recognized worldwide for its superior Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) design which meets the high demanding expectations of UV integrators whether it is autonomous navigation, stabilization, or pointing.

SBG Systems cordially invites you to join this webinar addressing how inertial+GNSS technology meets the new technical challenges facing by on-the-move satellite communication systems.

Securing Software-Defined Satellites | Presented WNDRVR
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Research indicates that three-fourths of IoT organizations are already using digital twins or plan to do so. Bringing these new designs together in complex systems, never tested before, comes with risks and challenges. One way of addressing these complexities is by employing the same strategy used by NASA and Google self-driving cars – simulation and digital twins.

Attendees will learn how to:

– Model the right level of detail for your system.
– Pre-deploy and safely test in a replica of your production system.
– More easily achieve quality and legislative standards

Navigating the Defense Satcom Network Transformation | Presented by Hughes
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Join Hughes for this webinar to learn practical ways to plan for the evolution from siloed networks to the robust and resilient networks of tomorrow using innovative features, like open architecture/AMIP and flexible modem and flexible terminal interfaces, and new service models, such as SATCOM as a Service and managed network services.

Above all the Noise – Walking the Talk in Satellite Phased Array Markets | Presented by ThinKom
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We’ll break down the specific “needs” and “wants” across the various Satellite Phased Array Antenna markets…and reveal how ThinKom is “walking the talk” in meeting those demands, TODAY…and tomorrow. Key design considerations (and trends) relating to profile, power/cooling, efficiency, reliability, scan range, frequency coverage, GSO/NGSO interoperability, and regulatory compliance will be discussed in detail. Applications including Fixed, Mobile, and Aeronautical User Terminals (UT) across Consumer, Enterprise, and Government markets will be described, together with Gateway and Satellite Payload antenna examples.

Making the Right Choices for Securing Your System
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Security is a critical requirement for satellites and for data traveling to/from satellites. Identifying assets and ensuring those assets are protected now and in the future is not optional. A systematic approach for evaluating security can help ensure that security is addressed appropriately. Join this mini-webinar to learn how a Security Assessment can provide targeted security guidance for a system.

Network Centric Warfare Architecture with LEO inclusion
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The core of a SATCOM-based NCW Network Solution is based on voice, video and data communications subsystems that are networked over a combination of terrestrial and satellite-based platforms.

LEO Networks are adding critical features as low latency, greater bandwidth as well as coverage where GEO satellites are not present. Point to Point communication without going via third party teleports are also extremely valuable for secure data links. LEO Dynamic Traffic Management will meet the Virtual Teleport development on the ground segment in a perfect symbiosis, and new opportunities will be created.

Join Advantech Wireless Technologies and Telesat to learn more about how LEO Space Segment Design will drive the Ground Teleport Segment architecture in the years to come. Both have interesting challenges and significant market appeal, while acting as true technological disruptors.

Actionable Cybersecurity Testing for Space Systems
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Space is a critical domain for cybersecurity. Satellite communication is used across the breadth of the defence and commercial industries around the world. From GPS anti-jamming solutions, transmission security, and information assurance, the advancement of DevSecOps methodologies for software development is vital for protecting the capabilities that could be subject to cyberspace attacks.

Advanced Network Strategies, The Satellite Gold Rush, and Growth of Mobile (4G, 5G)
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In this webinar, Kymeta will demonstrate how their solutions are at the forefront of several technological developments in satellite mobility . They believe there will be more disruption within the next 10 years than in the previous 30-40 years. Kymeta offers the only commercially available, low-SWaP (size, weight, and power) ESA ground terminal that can take advantage of these new and emerging technologies for mobility applications.

Kymeta plans to dive into the following topics:

The Mobile Opportunity

  • Kymeta will explain this perfect storm of industry developments, and more specifically, their position within it.

The Engineering Behind ESAs

  • How the technological innovation within Kymeta solutions is truly ground-breaking and demonstrates a solution that no one has been able to successfully develop before.

ESA Based Terminal Solutions for Mobility

  • Only Kymeta has deployed connectivity solutions capable of closing the gaps in service and reliably landing ground cellular and satellite signals on the move, making mobile global.

Get Better Cybersecurity With Less Cost By Leveraging DevSecOps
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Risk comes in many forms. When designing, building, and maintaining complex systems such as satellites there are many opportunities for risk that you need to consider, and some conflict with each other. For example: Risk of a security breach vs risk of performance impact by implementing security protocols. Or, the risk of incurring cost to implement security vs the cost risk (financial and reputational) of a breach. It isn’t an easy path to navigate.

In this webinar we will give you 5 ways you can mitigate risk that will result in more secure satellite systems while keeping your cost under control.

Making Cybersecurity A Reality for Proliferated Space – Building A Common Trusted Core
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The US Government is implementing a strategy to build resilience for contested space operations with proliferated constellations. These constellations provide unique challenges to satellite developers who need to provide secure communication solutions that are resistant to current and future cyber-attacks.

L3Harris is developing a novel approach to providing cybersecurity to proliferated space with a Common Trusted Core of modular/scalable capabilities. These capabilities will protect classified, multi-domain operations for dominance in a contested space environment at an affordable price point and faster than traditional approaches. Join us to learn how L3Harris will make cybersecurity a reality.

On the Cutting Edge: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Network Management
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Much more than buzzwords, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are driving significant advances in operations across consumer, enterprise and government networks and across satellite and terrestrial transports. To support increasingly complex networks with accelerating volumes of data, AI and ML are helping to shorten triage time for help-desk incidents, proactively detecting anomalies, and automatically recommending remediations. As the communications industry evolves, these techniques will feature more prominently—not only in the cloud but also at the network edge, where individual sites are most vulnerable.

Join Hughes leaders for this webinar to learn how the company applies AI and ML techniques to optimize networks and enhance the customer experience as well as a vision for what’s next for the satellite industry with these cutting-edge technologies.

Opportunities and Challenges for New LEO Constellations
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The new low Earth orbit (LEO) constellations are creating big interest from potential users. High data rate combined with low latency, the ability to cover areas with no communication infrastructure, Earth Observation and Imaging capabilities, as well as the promise of single hop to anywhere secure links are definitely major advantages, and disruptive technologies.

Join Advantech Wireless Technologies, Kepler Communications, UHP Networks and the SSPI to learn more about the Challenges and Opportunities for the new LEO Constellations, the impact on traditional GEO teleports architecture, and how will the LEO teleports be different.

LEOs, MEOs, GEOs and HEOs.  What’s in your future?
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The satellite communications industry stands at the threshold of a major transformation, as new frequency bands open and new lower-orbiting satellite constellations are populated over the next few years. The impact will be felt across all market segments: aeronautical, maritime, land-mobile … [more information]

Now Within Reach: Reliable, Multi-megabit Beyond Line of Sight SATCOM for Helicopters
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On a beautiful summer day in the Tennessee countryside, a foreboding Black Hawk helicopter lifted off from a regional airfield to surveil the local landscape. Equipped with a high-definition video camera, the Black Hawk was on a mission: to send real-time, HD video as it buzzed across the… [more information]

Changing the Landscape of Satellite Cellular Backhaul: Reach Every Opportunity

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The expectations placed upon mobile network operators have never been higher, and the competition has never been so fierce. There’s a massive opportunity to expand mobile networks. The market for remote and rural coverage is growing exponentially. And satellite connectivity is more critical than… [more information]

5G, Cybersecurity for 5G Enabled Satellite Comms
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The emergence of massive satellite constellations helps the space domain find its place in the 5G race, but this new paradigm raises new issues in terms of cybersecurity practices. Although all the lessons learned from protecting terrestrial IP networks will apply, there are some challenges unique… [more information]

5G Revolution Meets Satellite Infrastructure
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Satellite technology plays an important role in reaching the 5G goal of ubiquitous connectivity. Yet crossing the terrestrial-space frontier, where terrestrial- and space-based alternatives play together to ensure continuous service availability, doesn’t come without business and technological… [more information]

Future of Satellites in the spectrum of Industry 4.0: Hybrid Satellite-5G solution for Smart City/VANET
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How will the technology world look like based on Industry 4.0 Pattern by 2023 – 2025? Industry 4.0 as the fourth-industrial revolution fundamentals has defined the roadmap to digitization, Smart factories and Smart cities a while ago, the COVID-19 situation proved it correct perfectly. Everyday… [more information]

How Governments Can Use Satellite Connectivity to Bridge the Digital Divide
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While more than half of the world’s population now has access to the Internet, billions of people still lack basic connectivity. As 5G deployments start to get underway in urban areas, the pervasive “digital divide” only grows wider. Reducing and ultimately eliminating this chasm is a social and economic… [more information]

Virtualization: The Future of Wireless Communications
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Transport Virtualization is a necessary, revolutionary next step in wireless communications that will enable users to achieve significant gains in network user interoperability, application and capacity efficiency and general connectivity resiliency. Benefiting from technology advances specifically… [more information]

How mobile network operators can extend their reach with backhaul by satellite while preparing for the roll-out of 5G
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As operators and governments around the world seek solutions to connect the unconnected, mobile connectivity emerges as the primary opportunity to bridge the digital divide. In fact, worldwide mobile traffic is up 222% in the last five years, representing more than 50% of the global internet traffic… [more information]

Building the Cloud-Optimised Satellite Ecosystem with O3b mPOWER
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As cloud services become more critical, enterprises and government agencies are creating agile, scalable networks to enable the whole organisation to benefit from the cloud. Doing so, however, requires cloud-optimised network services deployed to every site, including to those in under-served and remote areas, where the current generation of satellite services falls short of delivering cloud-grade performance. What, exactly, are those requirements? How does the space industry help bridge the gap and accelerate cloud adoption for the whole enterprise, or for the entire public sector operation?

Capture of Save CapEx & Shift to OpEx with SatCloud Managed Services
Cloud-based teleport services with Bandwidth on Demand and Dynamic SCPC Orchestration, all under a complete OpEx umbrella
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SatCloud is SpaceBridge’s latest business & technological breakthrough innovation – a Cloud-Based, Satellite Networks Managed-Services solution for Satellite Network Operators, Backhaulers, and Broadcasters.

Hotspots: Learn How to Connect More Users for Less
Three Keys to Success with Satellite Enabled Community Wi-Fi Hotspots
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During this presentation you will learn:

  1. How to successfully extend lower-cost broadband access to unserved communities quickly
  2. How to cater to low ARPU customers with options for affordable end-user access that still yield a realistic ARPU to the provider
  3. How to lower operational costs for backhaul
  4. How to choose the best target market
  5. End-to-end network architecture and service model
  6. Real life examples

Learn how to get Affordable, High Data Rate, Uninterrupted Satellite Connectivity on Government Aircraft
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During this presentation you will learn:

  1. How to achieve the highest data rates possible on a government aircraft for en-route and ISR applications.
  2. How to achieve these data rates at very affordable rates.
  3. How the managed network will perform.
  4. How to save complexity, time and money when using FlexAir.
  5. Details about the antenna profiles that will perform best on the network.