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By | July 1, 2013

      Blue Sky Network’s HawkEye 5300 Receives Homologation Certification in Brazil

      Blue Sky Network, a supplier of satellite tracking and communication solutions for aviation, land and maritime, has announced that its HawkEye 5300 received Homologation Certification from Brazil’s national telecommunication agency, Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL).

      The HawkEye 5300 delivers pole-to-pole coverage for globally-dispersed fleets using the Iridium satellite network, and provides seamless switchable Iridium-GSM dual-mode network connectivity. When paired with Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based web portal, New SkyRouter, the device enables tracking and two-way messaging between land assets and fleet managers from a PC or mobile device. The HawkEye 5300 also provides monitoring of vehicle diagnostic data, alerts and driver behavior when used with the New SkyRouter.

      Inmarsat Expands Microwave Backbone in the Gulf of Mexico

      Inmarsat has announced the extension of the capabilities of its microwave backbone in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) through the introduction of a new ‘Stabilized Microwave’ service. Designed to expand the reach of the company’s GoM network to include deep-water structures, the Stabilized Microwave device is expected to offer higher bandwidth and lower latency, enabling clients to experience the same quality of service as they would in their on-shore offices. Initially being deployed in the Mississippi Canyon Field in the GoM, Stabilized Microwave will enable Inmarsat to expand its microwave network into much deeper waters off the shelf of the Gulf.