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Seattle Company Unveils Emergency-Preparedness Tool

By | November 12, 2004

      Seattle-based Incident Tactics, a developer of simulation and assessment tools that help forecast the readiness of emergency personnel to respond to disasters, released a new product today designed to help mitigate the aftermath of attacks targeting America. The company’s product was developed in response to the federal government’s goal of strengthening emergency management capabilities across the country.

      To create a realistic user experience for customers, the company’s CruiseLine 206 product was designed to reflect the geography and resources in the Seattle area. The product incorporates multimedia outputs, GIS, aerial and satellite data detailing the incident scene and its relationship to various exposures, assets and structures.

      “While local governments are focused on preventing terrorist attacks from occurring, it’s equally important that they prepare for the worst,” said John Mitchell, president and CEO. “Our products don’t preempt terrorist attacks from happening, but rather help ensure that local emergency personnel are prepared for effectively leading rescue efforts once they do.”

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