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Telenor Extends Satellite Communications Service Promotions

By | April 13, 2004

      Telenor Satellite Services [TELN] officials said today the company is extending its “Inmarsat A to Fleet” and “Super Quite Time” maritime communications programs to 2005. The Inmarsat A to Fleet program gives maritime users as much as $3,000 of free airtime when upgrading their onboard satellite communications from Inmarsat A analog service to Telenor’s Fleet F77 digital voice and data technology. Inmarsat will end its Inmarsat A analog service in December 2007, they noted.

      The Super Quite Time promotion offers customers substantially reduced prices for prepaid minutes, with prices as low as 99 cents per minute. Customers can also get a free Telenor Crew phone with the purchase of $1,000 or more prepaid calling minutes.

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