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Shin Satellite Prepares For iPSTAR Launch

By | January 14, 2004

      Shin Satellite, a Thailand-based satellite operator, expects to launch its iPSTAR-1 broadband satellite in the middle of this year. The satellite will be part of the iPSTAR system, which will provide satellite-based last-mile broadband Internet services in the region. Shin’s system is one of the most ambitious satellite broadband projects globally.

      Dumrong Kasemset, executive chairman of Shin Satellite, told SATELLITE TODAY: “We now expect to launch iPSTAR-1 in the middle of this year. The sheer size of the payload is huge. We have to be cautious [about the exact launch date] when dealing with technology of this kind. There could be complications, so we have to tread carefully. I don’t think there will be any major changes in terms of our plans to launch the satellite.” An exclusive in-depth interview with Dumrong Kasemset can be found in the Jan. 19 issue of SATELLITE NEWS. For more information about subscribing to PBI Media’s satellite newsletters, check out our Web site at

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