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Thursday Morning Conversation With Sara Spangelo of Swarm

By Rachel Jewett | July 14, 2021

      In this week’s Thursday Morning Conversation, Via Satellite managing editor Rachel Jewett joins as host to chat with Swarm CEO Sara Spangelo. Rachel and Sara spoke on June 29, just before the SpaceX Transporter-2 mission was set to launch. The launch was delayed by a day, but this interview captures Sara’s pre-launch excitement, as a number of Swarm satellites were part of the mission

      Sara shares how Swarm’s strategy came out of her work in the early days of smallsat development, and how the company has seen a lot of demand for its remote Internet of Things (IoT) technology from customers in New Zealand and Australia. In typical TMC fashion, the conversation goes beyond satellite and Sara talks about how reading “Why We Sleep” more than a year ago changed her outlook on her sleep habits. Enjoy!

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