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Satcube Releases Terminal Rental Service for Media/NGO Organizations

By Mark Holmes | April 3, 2024

      Satcube has an online rental service for quick terminal access. Photo: Satcube

      Satcube has released a new version of its online rental service, Satcube Instant, designed in particular for broadcasters and for non-governmental organizations. The service was initially launched in the spring of 2022. The new version aims to make it simpler for organizations to access seamless satellite broadband to communicate and deliver critical services at any time in the most remote locations around the globe. Satcube announced the new version on April 2.

      Satcube believes it identified a gap in the market for verticals such as broadcasters and humanitarian aid organizations where the need for satcom deployments arise with extremely short notice. The Satcube Instant online service provides users with an easy-to-transport, pre-configured Satcube Ku-band terminal that is ready to use upon arrival.

      The Satcube Ku terminal weighs 8 kilograms and fits in a carry-on suitcase which can be taken onboard an aircraft. It enables users to easily create a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot and to get high-speed broadband connection in a minute anywhere in the world in almost any circumstance. With the online management platform, users are able to monitor and control their data consumption with the option to add more data if needed.

      “At Satcube, we aspire to make our solutions available online to a growing number of segments and users with critical connectivity needs. We have improved our flexible online rental service that harnesses the agility of the Satcube Ku portable, lightweight satellite terminal, high-speed data packages from global satellite broadband solution Intelsat FlexMove and the ability to order and manage from an easy-to-use web platform,” Robert Mellberg, chief commercial officer of Satcube said in a statement.