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Quantum Space Introduces Ranger Orbital Transfer Vehicle

By Rachel Jewett | April 6, 2023
The Quantum Space Ranger orbital transfer vehicle. Photo: Quantum Space

The Quantum Space Ranger orbital transfer vehicle. Photo: Quantum Space

Startup Quantum Space introduced its Ranger orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) on Thursday, a new last-mile delivery service to carry payloads to Geostationary and cislunar orbits and beyond. 

Calling it a multi-operations vehicle, Quantum Space said Ranger is designed to take spacecraft to their final orbit more quickly and so customers can conserve propellant for operations. The vehicle can carry over 1.5 metric tons of payload directly to Geostationary orbit, or over 2.5 metric tons to anywhere in cislunar space. Each Ranger has four 24-inch modular ports, which can support customer spacecraft from cubesats to 500kg smallsats. It also has a high-performance propulsive EELV Secondary Payload Adapter system. 

The company said that it will soon announce additional details and mission partners for the company’s first mission to cislunar space.   

Quantum Space is led by CEO Steve Jurczyk, former acting administrator of NASA. In December, Quantum Space received a $15 million investment from venture capital firm Prime Movers Lab

The company plans to build QuantumNet — a fleet of “Scout” spacecraft in cislunar space to deliver space domain awareness; space weather forecasting; positioning, navigation, and timing; communications; and onboard compute capabilities. The Ranger OTV will also deploy these Scout vehicles. 

“Ranger meets the critical need for affordable and precise payload delivery services beyond low Earth orbit,” Jurczyk said. “Providing these services for our customers will break down the barriers that limit routine travel and operations in deep space and we’re excited for the future that it will help create in cislunar space and beyond.”